Townhouses for sale in Phuket

A townhouse is a combination of a city apartment and a private house. As a rule, this is a low-rise (no more than 2-3 floors) building, where several owners live. Villacarte has been operating in the real estate market since 2012 and one of its activities is the sale of townhouses in Phuket.
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Phuket is a center of attraction for foreign tourists and those who dream of a house by the sea. The real estate market here is constantly growing. Of particular interest to future buyers are townhouses - houses for several families with a separate entrance. The sale of townhouses is developed in Phuket, and if you are interested in purchasing, VillaCarte specialists will be happy to help you find the right property and answer all your questions.

Prices for townhouses are much lower than for private houses, while in fact you get a full-fledged cottage with a private entrance, your own courtyard and veranda. The only difference is a common wall separating the neighbors from each other.

This type of housing is popular here, townhouses can be found almost everywhere - even in non-tourist parts of the island there are residential complexes with houses for several owners. The cost differs depending on the location, size, services provided on the territory of the residential complex and other characteristics.

So, a townhouse in the Chalong area of ​​​​130 sq.m. can be purchased for $190,000. The low cost is due to the remoteness from the beach, comfortable for swimming. Another example is a similar facility with an area of ​​130 sq.m. but already in the prestigious Bang Tao area it will cost approximately 350,000 US dollars.

Townhouses for sale in Phuket
Townhouses for sale in Phuket
The average price per square meter in Phuket is about $2,000.

Rising property prices, as well as demand for rental housing in Thailand, suggest that buying a townhouse is not only your own property abroad, but also a profitable investment.

Do you want to buy a townhouse in Phuket? VillaCarte has vast experience in real estate sales, and our experts will advise you on any issue related to the purchase of a home in the Kingdom of Smiles!