Residence and apartments for sale in Thailand

Apartments are real estate, which provides for several classes and subspecies. For example, these are apart-hotels, apartment buildings and so on. Villacarte has been operating in the real estate market since 2012 and one of its activities is the sale of apartments and apartments in Thailand.
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Thailand is one of the popular destinations among property buyers, so the market is growing every year. In particular, investors and just those who wish to have a home abroad are showing particular interest in apartments. There are obvious reasons for this - the region is popular among tourists, freelancers and businessmen. Consequently, the demand for rentals is high regardless of the season, and the cost of the apartment itself is steadily increasing.

VillaCarte will help you get all the necessary information and make the right choice - we have been selling apartments in Thailand for over 10 years and will be happy to share our experience and answer all your questions. Before you buy an apartment in Thailand, you should pay attention to several important points.

First of all, it is the region. Regardless of your rhythm of life and preferences in the kingdom of smiles, you will definitely find a place to your liking. Bangkok is suitable for businessmen and those who prefer life in a metropolis, Phuket is an ideal place for family and resort holidays, Koh Samui will seem like a paradise for those who prefer views of untouched nature and solitude.

Residence and apartments for sale in Thailand
The price range is quite wide. For example, the average cost of an apartment of 30 square meters in Bangkok is about 300,000 US dollars, in Phuket a similar apartment will cost 170,000 US dollars, on Koh Samui - about 100,000 US dollars.

Many are interested in the question: to buy apartments in a new building or in the secondary market? It seems that housing in a complex under construction will be more profitable, but in Thailand everything depends on the object itself - its location, distance from the sea, related services. The real estate market in Thailand is designed in such a way that you can buy ready-made apartments for a smaller amount than objects at the construction stage. So here the preference of the buyer comes first.

An important feature must be taken into account: in Thailand there is a ban on renting apartments for rent if the complex does not have a hotel license. So, if the purpose of the acquisition is to make a profit from renting out, it is worth taking a closer look at condotels.

Residence and apartments for sale in Thailand
Residence and apartments for sale in Thailand
In addition, such complexes have a number of advantages, such as reception, secure parking, room service, a swimming pool, lounge areas and other amenities.

The choice of apartments is diverse, so deciding what is right for you is not so difficult. The Villacarte team will help you understand all the details and buy an apartment in Thailand!