Condos for sale in Thailand

A condominium is any apartment building with or without a common area (swimming pool, gym, garden), or a separate apartment in a building. Villacarte has been operating in the real estate market since 2012 and our team happy to find your fream condominium in Thailand.
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Thailand attracts the attention of millions of tourists every year. And often, after visiting the kingdom of smiles, foreigners think about buying their own housing on the seashore. In this regard, over the past 10 years, there has been a rapid growth in the construction of resort real estate, in particular, condominiums.

In the catalog of VillaCarte you can get acquainted with the options for condos in Thailand, and our managers will be happy to advise you on any issue!

The concept of a condominium is widespread in this region. In fact, a condominium is an apartment building or a complex of buildings, but with a more developed infrastructure on its territory.

Features of condominiums:

Condos for sale in Thailand
As a rule, such facilities include not only apartments, but also a swimming pool, parking, gym, and sometimes more luxurious bonuses, such as a tennis court or even a heliport.
Condos for sale in Thailand
Individual apartments, which are called “condos” in Thailand, are owned by the owner, while infrastructure facilities are jointly owned by all residents.
Condos for sale in Thailand
The costs of maintaining the common territory and property are divided among all owners.
Condos for sale in Thailand
Issues relating to joint ownership are resolved collectively at general meetings.
Condos for sale in Thailand
Condo prices are quite varied, with the average cost per square meter here being around $3,000.

Today, the choice of condominiums in the Kingdom is huge. VillaCarte specialists will help you buy a condo in Thailand as quickly as possible and taking into account all your wishes!